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about 30+ years experience in management of Inventive Problem Solving

...about 20 years experience in Technological Forecasting


Feb. 2019 - : contract lecturer EM-Strasbourg Business School, Strasbourg, France

since 2014 - : contract professor at Politecnico di Milano: "Technology Forecasting and Researching Future course". for the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering School of Industrial and Information Engineering (6 credits)

Sep 2022 - Mar 2023 : Analyst for Generative Design platform evaluation, Acuity Solutions / Alstom, France

Sep 2017 - Dec 2022 : University of Strasbourg, Doctor of Science, Management Sciences, specializing in Logistic and Production

Feb. 2016 - 2022: research fellow and teacher at EM Strasbourg Business School

Sep. 2017 - 2022: part time lecturer at ECAM Strasbourg-Europe

Jan. 2013 - : freelance researcher and instructor

Jul. 2013 - Jun. 2015 : research fellow at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Mechanical Engineering;
FORMAT project - FOrecast and Roadmapping for MAnufacturing Technologies, European R&D Project

2008 - 2015: instructor of the course “Problem Management and Effective Education Based on TRIZ” (the Comenius/Grundtvig catalogue of the European Commission)

2006 - 2015: instructor of the course “Problem solving using TRIZ” at Ecole de Management Strasbourg, DIU Ingénierie de Projets Innovants

2010 - 2012: co-organizer of annual symposium “Creativity as an Exact Science”, Vinci, Italy

2004 - 2010: instructor for educational Program Advanced Master of Innovative Design (AMID) @ National Institute of Applied Sciences, Strasbourg.

2003 - : restarting of research activities about method for reliable technological forecasting...

  • 2004–2005: Project - Technological forecasting of Fuel Cells for small stationary applications, EIFER, Karlsruhe, Germany;
  • 2005-2006: Project - Technological forecast of Distributed Generation (DG), EIFER, Karlsruhe, Germany;
  • 2005-2009: 8 publications and 3 research reports about methodology of technological forecasting;
  • 2008, June 26-29: 4 days seminar: TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING: prediction of technology change. Apeiron, at Vinci, Italy;
  • 2010, December: 3 days seminar: FORECASTING THE PROBLEMS, Arçelik, at Istanbul, Turkey;
  • 2011-2012: Project - Forecasting the parameters of the technological dynamics of a technological core area of Chilean mining industry, CBC, Santiago, Chile;
  • 2012-2015: researcher for project - FOrecast and Roadmapping for MAnufacturing Technologies (FORMAT), European R&D Project

Sep.2001 - Dec.2012: research engineer, instructor, adviser and consultant at LICIA\LGECO, INSA Strasbourg, France.
(it was great for participating the projects for Steelcase, Gaggenau, Bourjois, Faurecia, Cebal, Miroiterie HIRTZ, Essilor, EADS-Eurocopter, Cooltech, Soprema, Sperian, Lafarge)

1997-2004: co-editor of website www.trizminsk.org – first open library of TRIZ-publications in Russian (more than 560 titles, including 3 books, chapters from 5 books, manuscripts, papers and research reports);
Aug.24, 2001: awarded by Vice President of LG-Electronics, Mr. JUNG, Jang-Woo: Award of appreciation;

1998-2001: professional consultant & instructor at LG-Production Research Center (LG-PRC, Pyeongtaek, S.Korea);
(a special thanks for participating the projects for LG-Production and Research Center, LG-Electronics Inc. (Display Plant), LG-Learning Center, LG Chem, LG Cable & Machinery, LG Cable, LG Information&Communication, LG-OTIS Industrial Systems, LG.Philips LCD)

1997-1998: invited professor for teaching Structured Analysis Design Technique (SADT), IDEF0, and TRIZ at the Belorussian State University, at the Belorussian State University of Computer Science and Radio Electronics and at the Minsk Institute of Modern Knowledge;

1994-1998: freelance consultant in several projects, entrepreneur;

1989-1993: research engineer in Inventive Machine Laboratory (IMLab*, Minsk, Belarus);
* IMLab is predecessor of Invention Machine (see Thoughts about history of IM Projects and time-line).

1987-1989: mechanical design engineer at the Minsk Plant of Computer Technologies;

1987-1988: the first acquaintance with Altshuller's methods as mechanical design engineer;
took 160-hour TRIZ course in “The School of TRIZ (Minsk, USSR)” - responsible instructor: N.Khomenko;

1983-1988: Belarusian State Polytechnic Institute (Minsk, USSR / Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus), Master of Engineering. Technology of mechanical engineering, metal machines and machine tools.


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